On a deep blue moon, I am reminded of a particular sensitivity, an elegance and intuition which sees into and beyond things as if united by spirit.  In those moments specifically, I know that it is all I ever wish to know.

Like I am running into the arms of the truest star, received by a breath of love that raises the hairs on my neck and makes the world disappear.  The touch of a beloved drowns me gracefully in hope, reminding me of what was, and reassuring me that I am whole as I began.  You are there, greeting me with longing and finesse.  

This familiar dream comes to me like a gilded message unto the brightest eye.

Sometimes I wonder if I have emptied myself, but I wonder then what this feeling can be, that this body and mind may be of service to love and greater truth, a tome of solace and an anchor of unity.  I wonder where I left bits of hope and optimism behind, what it was that caused me to hide away into myself, and how graceful my return shall be.  I have only hope and faith left, and I know this is all I began with.

When you read my writing, know how fully I feel drawn into the force of the infinite, that force which we are all unknowingly at the center of.  I wish for you to be all that you are, for us all to be the best that we can be.  I hope that my word touches you.  It is what shows up, brilliantly; and how beautifully has it appeared to me, in time withdrawn.