A lot of life is about perspective.  I'm here, you're there.  That's what you've got, this is what you want.

Maybe you get to the point that you are fed up with people's shit and you find yourself in a place more void of perspective and value assertions.  What will you compare yourself to?

The meaning there is quite ethereal, not so readily attributable to you or me, or any one person or idea.  Meaning... I want to show you something fun and stimulating.  I didn't invent fun, but I do know a lot about it.  You can have fun and pass it around without worrying about what it's worth or whether you made out.

You can have fun without thinking, or talking, or effort.  We don't need to know anything about one another, what we do, or where we live.  We might find out all of these things anyway just in seeing how we like to play.

If we find each other in that ethereal place, cordial, and nearly shapeless, I wonder how we will know.  What is it that you will see in another person, distinct from what you see in yourself?  Would it excite you or frustrate you to see so much of yourself in others?

Deliberate, particular, neurotic, forceful, capable, bright, meaningful, effective, almost weightless.  Effortless.  You are quite like me, after all.

The Mars Volta - Things Behind the Sun

Cherry Blossom Love