If you've been tearing shit up like me, you might be starting to feel like you've run out of things to do.

Every day I wake up and try to ask myself what I can accomplish.  Something new, please.  I always want to do something new.

I enjoy doing projects, either on the computer or around the house.  I like to use new technologies and tools often, but I also like how quickly I can bang out JavaScript and Go.  It's quite romantic when you can just pick up a new feature and have it written before the sun is out.  I like the flow of just knowing how to get something done, and I find that the more different things that I do, the more quickly I can learn how to do new things.

I like when new computers come out, that's something new.  I like to see what is new about them, especially what interesting new things they can do.  I like when there's groundbreaking technology that really changes what's going on.

There's a lot of innovation in media these days, I think there's just more creativity flowing around and bigger risks being taken by studios and streaming platforms.  It's worked out pretty well, how the pace and fluidity of major studios has started becoming similar to and even faster than independent media, whereas just 5 or 10 years ago the major studios felt like ConAgra compared to what was going on on the internet.  We need more Metal Gear.  Pay attention to what that fella has been talking about, he sees everything in high definition; Konami almost couldn't handle it.

I hope there will be some new big light-bulb moments for technology.  Great, so now I can hover the thumbnails on YouTube.  How about pages and videos all just show up instantly or something (see: Push Cache).  Cars are getting faster and cheaper, everybody's electric now.  Big box stores all have excellent inventory systems and distribution, etc.  This has been about 10 years in the making.  If everyone is thinking at the leading edge, I know they're going to come up with something cool.

Real Fast