New Gold Standard

Now, I want you to check her iced up hand'uh, know she wish she wasn't just a fan'd-uh, your boy, the half-court land'uh, runnin' it out here with my Ayn Rand'uhs.

Stop your ass with the pand'uh, can't hear over'all yo' fuckin' sland'uh, only dimes in my band'uh, real hot-blooded studded cand'uh – red rover, put you inna' group known as maybe and'uh, real clover, if you're lucky I'll drop in like Secret Santa.

One and only – Trickle Down Reg'a – don't want me spect'in yo' storage tain'uh, won't see if I find an extra brain'uh, couple dozen Louie bags fo' each my entertain'uhs.  Diamond Dogs rule, fuck off wi'cha bogs, fool, only uptime I follow is spreading my time between her jewels.

Let's See
Revealer of Mysteries