Neiye: Inner Hearing

Neiye (內業) is a Daoist text outlining techniques for hearing one's self truly and purely, and bears similarities to Western esoteric tradition. The principle of wu wei (無爲), "effortless action", represents the result of one's meditative efforts.

Listening closely to how our thoughts and feelings influence each other, paying attention to our environment, drawing towards an inspired middle, breathing this truth to life; all essential characteristics of actualization and self-knowledge. Inner hearing becomes a measure of both reason and emotion at once, allowing us to become more perceptive about our expectations for ourselves.

Western and Eastern mindfulness techniques share a common aim of deconstructing noise, finding the silence to hear, and finding a gentle strength from inner truth.

There is a numinous mind naturally residing within;

One moment it goes, the next it comes,
And no one is able to conceive of it.
If you lose it you are inevitably disordered;
If you attain it you are inevitably well ordered.
Diligently clean out its lodging place
And its vital essence will naturally arrive.
Still your attempts to imagine and conceive of it.
Relax your efforts to reflect on and control it.
Be reverent and diligent
And its vital essence will naturally stabilize.
Grasp it and don't let go
Then the eyes and ears won't overflow
And the mind will have nothing else to seek.
When a properly aligned mind resides within you,
The myriad things will be seen in their proper perspective.

Neiye (內業), "Inward Training", v.13

Neiye is a collection of meditative exercises that flow attention into breath and consciousness, and allow our words and actions to be courted towards a humble and limitless truth.