Naked Sun

What do you get when you start considering all the different ways things gould be? The sun and snow will come at the same time; you'll live with them together. 'I want them to see me when you fuck me' How many suns do you think there could be? Could some be a different color? What if ours was just 10° hotter? I wonder if we would have a different body temperature, different skin and muscles. Here we are, you see, in a world just right for us we are just right for the world. All of the incredible things you can do, the way it feels to be alive and breathing; it's all just for you. Make love, and show the world love. The world is your canvas, your mystic, and your muse. Will you say anything to her? Where to begin. I'm not who you think I am. Sometimes I'm not even who I think diamit Why should you care, if we even get the recipe right? We had one job, and that's to get the recipe right. Now, we're wondering if the recipe was even right to begin with. This is entangling ground, but you might be able to taste something you'd like to change. It's our job to get the recipe right. Notice the mouth-feel. the crumble. We're baking at altitude. Do you like it when I bend you over the chilly countertop and fuck you? I'll do it again to be sure. I like it when it seems like you don't want it