Mobile Suit

here to witness, took a pilgrimage to hell, had to look'around for a while to know who could tell; ne'er do-well, watch me rearrange your asshole, gave it 5 or 10 years, now they wishin' onna' well.

In-N-Out, never missed in my life, win'na 'bout 32 times each separate night.  Leave you with some ice for the memory, 13 reasons for your hemmorh'y, couple mill for the Emm'ry, save the rest for my gem'ry, superfacts for the hen'ary – splitta', egg-open dinna', sunny side up with the shell cracked inna' bin'a.

Put your boy on a pedestal, don't forget'a bout the medico, got the round table rackin' for how Caligula got to be so cynical.  Keep you axe-kin what's next, fuck your face up inna' text, don't be actin' all perplexed, stuck you up like semtex, every fucking place I look is some more Proselytex.

See you walk 3 feet in my shoes, on the meter before and after school – God help me, turn my head and see 8 billion walking dead.

Real Hell