Midnight Magic

These fuckin' kids and they 'Midnight Basketball' That's all anybody talk about these days is Midnight Basketball, you know it really gets the kids movin around doing something productive with themselves off the street. Helps them see things on the other side of that blue line, really. The folks we got on this Midnight Basketball are real sharp, it's gotta be, the kids notice that Best I can do for 'em is Midnight Magic, every damn night. Pullin' shit out of hats, cuttin' bitches in half, sleight of hand. . every damn night. Ohhh, and they play all night. High energy basketball, none of this bullshit. The Midnight Basketball is how they know they got a place to be, something to do at the wee hours of the night. We all keep this leaque going because we're doing something important for these kids, we're looking after these kids maybe in a way that they community isn't, the government, whoever. That's not to say they need the politics, but the only way we put this thing together is the community that we put together, with the city, the players, the media, Now they understand Midnight Basketball the kids are building character, making friends, and staying in shape, You ask anybody, they want they kids playing Midnight Basketball
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Incense and Peppermints