Mercurial Madness

You ever look around and see nothing but Cako?  I can't imagine why you'd want to see anything else.

Dress him up how you like, rake in some dosh on him.  Gotta remind you, that's they Cako – I've got my Cako.

They Cako is a little smutty sometimes, they keep adding too much shit to him.  Whole lotta' cruft.  My Cako, I keep it a hunna' all damn day, every damn day.

It's like going to the Apple Store and walking out with some Little Tikes Mitsubishi DellBook.  It's like, what? That's the shit you're on?  Lol.  Get real, dog.  Cut the fucking bag open and stick your pinky in next time.

Now, problem with my Cako is he doesn't go around too well.  It's been said that a good man is hard to find, but so is mold.  My Cako understands logic and reason, so he can explain the important difference between correlation and causation.  Easy little gimmick to exploit, you can just show people data that supports what you believe and discard the rest.

I keep it real simple now, I put the books on the backburner a while ago.  It's old news, I'm about the currency.  If you can't pick up a MacBook alongside any other computer on the market and tell me that it's clearly the better computer, I don't know what to tell you.

Trustworthy People