Man in Search of a Soul

Any true search for meaning ought to be perilous.  I wonder what really causes depression, though.  It seems to be something like we're seeking out meaning in the world, and we can't agree on where it's supposed to come from.

In the information age, we have to fit a lot of different people and ideas into our lives.  Most communities struggle to remain cohesive in the modern world, where it seems like we're always floating away into something new.  We don't feel beholden to people or our beliefs in the same way.

I think it's clear that how we're using computers right now, they aren't really teaching us how to build personal relationships.  The way our crap works has turned us into customer support representatives; endless churning, black and white, yes and no questions and procedural behavior.  Please wait while I direct your call.  And it's frustrating for just about everyone.  People feel frustrated that it's difficult to be heard, that there's injustice in the world, and that we don't know how we're supposed to make good of the tools and the communities that we have – and it's fair that they should feel this way!  We're still learning how to build technology that makes people happy.

And if we focus too much on where meaning comes from, or for too long, something about that tends to unravel and it has us continuing our search.  The source of meaning becomes impotent, and it fades into obscurity.  It's interesting how when you bottle meaning up it loses some of its luster.  It's difficult to share with someone, precisely, what something means to you.

What if you did find true meaning?  What if it seemed so resounding in its appeal that it never would fade?  How would you share it with others so that they could understand?

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