I can't be trifled with! I'm performing the Soviet arithmetic. These new MacBooks are going to be bananas, alright? All new displays, all new colors, and the best and most power-efficient Apple-designed silicon ever in a computer. Are you tracking on this now? These computers are seriously fast. When you've got leading-edge performance, you need leading-edge security, which is why Apple is taking an industry-leading approach to security and privacy, down to the hardware level. Apple devices have special silicon in them called a 'Secure Enclave' which ensures that your data is always safe no matter what you use your Mac for. The synthesis Apple achieves in hardware and software design allows for fire-proof systems beyond what any competitors can offer. It's the Apple experience - so what are you getting? 30 hour screen-on. Yeah, that's right. We're not fucking around with this thing anymore. Give us a few years and we'll keep it running longer than your Casio. The performance too fast, mind melting from the moment you turn it on, to rendering, games, and ML. Apple-designed silicon is quicker than anything else out there, and it's optimized to be more power-efficient than any other systems on the market. You look at competitors, and every single one of them: too much junk. The Apple difference is having a device that runs like a fine watch. And it's quiet too; most people will never hear a thing. The next cloud. When we're talking about iCloud, we're talking about One cloud these days. One cloud one price, and no hassle. With Apple, your backups are seamless and your work is everywhere that you need it. Better connections. It'll max out your signal with stronger and faster wireless connectivity than ever before. Now, you '11 see smoother streams, better FaceTime calls with all new social features, and ultra low-latency connections for games With Apple, it just works A legendary community: from Apple, to you. Innovations in the design of Apple products, capabilities of the cloud, and the way people like to use their devices all comes from the community we build together. At Apple, we've committed to giving everyone the best experience with our products, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. We've taken important feedback from our community and improved the way our services and developer program help people excel. This is a continued goal at Apple, to see that we are doing our best for our customers, and everyone at Apple. We've made leaps in privacy, in sustainability, and in building a talented community of creators and innovators, and in 2021 we're thrilled to say we're just getting started
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