Lovely Rita (fuck.tha.surveillance.state) ( treemix) (more girls reprise)


Got muh' rocks off as'a matter'a habit
Took'a SOCKS off before I let'a hav'it

Meter maid, red'her rights like Reader Rabbit
Some TLC for Lorena Babbit

Nothing came between us 'till I found'her tablet
She spend the day playin' lil' Miss Lab'Lit

Actin' all like she rearranged the sabbath
Set the record straight before we kick'it n' dab'it
Got dark all'the sudden when I filled uppa' cabinet

Hermès cups, fika broke the rest
Clean'a mouth out with a spot'a Crest

Near mint, droppa' off to go play with her best
Real hints, wave bye to a fucka' you won't test
Mountain tints, lookin' white-out at my empty nest

2Slow (Cako for President)