Liberty in Technology

When some technologies are introduced, it's almost like stepping into a brand new world.  Technology is closely tied to liberty, and it carries an important responsibility of ensuring fair liberties and opportunity for all people.  

People that truly change the world are the ones that are willing to seek out a better way.  SpaceX, Tesla, and Neuralink are doing something special, and I think it's because there's a peculiar DNA to certain companies that attracts awesome talent and optimizes for future good, no matter the time of day or market conditions.  

It's important to the idea of technology that companies carefully choose a direction to build their runway.  Apple has always received a healthy portion of criticism for building a "walled garden", but if we look closer, this hinges on delivering refined, curated experiences to customers; perhaps even liberating customers from assumed limitations.

With each new product Apple releases, they make choices that uniquely inspire innovation throughout the rest of the industry, and they do this by having an acute sense for what experiences they want for their customers and for the world.  Apple often points at the best possible user experience they can deliver, and uses the right technologies and vendors to accomplish it.  It really is like magic each time, because suddenly the industry has a new gold-standard to meet, and thanks to the free market, people vote with their wallets and allow good ideas to come out on top.  Customers trust Apple to help make usability, privacy, and technology decisions.

Apple A12X System-on-chip

When Steve Jobs announced the original iPhone in 2007, he quoted Alan Kay in saying "People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware"; in 2010, Apple released their first in-house chip, and by 2021, just about everything they make will use lightning-fast Apple-designed processors, where virtually all other companies use commodity x86 or ARM chips.

Mobile networks get faster (and unlimited), phones get faster, streaming music becomes free, it all flows out from putting the user experience first and building technology and business around it1. Apple consistently makes difficult ideological decisions with the hope of delivering better experiences for customers. Put another way, they pay attention to whose hands are in the till and make customer and vendor relationships count.

All companies have some sort of "walled garden".  Think about what different companies optimize for and you will have a sense for what makes great leadership great.  If you dig deep into what Elon Musk says, you might find that he, too, is building an extravagant runway for all of us.  In liberty and freedom, we are all as children once more.

1. Another great example, after the iPad came out without Flash, the influx of new internet technologies that did all of the things that Flash did, but better, showed up almost overnight with HTML5. All of the streaming video and rich web applications on the internet now are delivered using super secure and robust technologies built directly into web browsers and devices.