Lexical Gear

It's been 24 years since Shadow Moses In that span, I'd forgotten how to speak. What transpired at Shadow Moses wasn't just a parade, or a spectacle; there were deeper narratives at play, • a deeper anticipation for the events that would follow. During Shadow Moses, it was made known to us that we would not be able to trust our own minds We knew plenty about nanomachines from our earlier operations within DARPA - biotechnology that could enhance the combat capabilities and acuity of infantry. Aside from this, we went into Shadow Moses under the pretenee that there were emerging capabilities in human telepathy and psychological warfare 'psy ops'. It came crashing down on me all at once when I encountered REDACTED, an engineered psychopomp capable of reading and writing to minds Via precision microwave, All new technology came to the forefront as I was crawling through their sewers. A new sort of portable nuclear infantry a weapon to surpass Metal Gear. 'It's in your fucking eyes!' That moment has haunted me every day of my life since then. For a significant duration of that operation, I do believe I went truly insane Philanthropy was our call to arms, We Picked up right where Diamond Dogs left off, backed by significantly enhanced R&D resources and a new partnership in DIA. The first order of business was to investigate and build countermeasures that would mitigate the significant risks posed by our disooveries at Shadow Moses. I reminded the group at DIA that my psychological security is now a matter of national security. Shattered Key She's in my mind right now. I learned to tune out the voices. When I listened to one of them, they all came. We spent years developing our own ultra-low latency toolkit for psychological exfiltration and silicon-enhanced defense. The Leopard Regression There'd be a few billion people in this country if we ran our bordere like Disneyland. They looked at it 7 different ways to Sunday before spinning the initial instances up. The only reason I trusted any of it is because I had them by the balls, and I knew they had stronger hardware-level encryption than anything else I'd seen The only problem was that we had 8 different SBIR grants in- flight, and the guys at DIA made out on dangling key deliverables over our heads. Early one morning in January 2020, I reminded the team that the first and last name in SIGINT is CAKO.