Lettera 22

I very much like the color and design of this typewriter The color is that sort of blue-grey that you see on old high school lockers. The typewriter has keys with a similar shape and character to modern computers, flat, island keys with a shiny dark gray surface and white legends. The Letter is very portable and it's fun to use It's cool how tactile it is as vou type, and when the bell rings at the margin This is my first time using a mechanical typewriter The keypress, while adjustable, is heavier than anything you would be used to from modern keyboards. It's easy to get into the rhythm of typing SO that the arms don't cross, but it the don't can be difficult to press keys with your pinky finger, and also to press keys with shift held on the same hand.

It has backspace but no correction tape Because you are actually hitting the arms against the ink tape with the keys, you are able to stop a keypress mid-way if you fat-finger the wrong key This does make a difference and as you can see, I have nt made any mistakes except that one The permanence makes you more agile and deliberate with your keystrokes The ink ribbon cycles between two spools, meaning that you will keep using the same surface until the ink is used up This is unlike cartridge ribbons, where each letter 'uses up' the ink in that spot And of course I must mention it uses multi-color ribbon, with lever to the right of the keys that selects whether the arms are striking the top or bottom half of the ink ribbon. These typewriters came with black and red ribbon but changed this one out for black and blue when I got it It's a very cool feature making up for the lack of bold or underline. Margins are set using metal sliders towards the back of the carriage and tabs are set and cleared by flipping a small lever to the left of the keys when at the desired tab stop. The red key, where 'Return' typically is, moves the carriage to the next tab when held.

Three Scoops