Lego White House

It's the Americone Dream.

I started out wondering how they were getting on in the Norse; impervious as they are to corporate bureaucracy.  A rock and a hard place is the 2nd world.  The picture reminded me a little of Utah; it could just be the snow caps.

Blessed be, the Vikings said, one way or another we have our daily bread.

Run the mail, keep us from jail, pick up a pail, our crop mustn't go stale.

The fear of God, our born and raised right, one day they convinced us of anger and spite.  More phones, more drones, more Arcadium Domes; one day a young fencer brought up the call center.

Who will bring light to what's hidden from sight?  

We set up our stagecoach for each morning dawn, and paved the frontier with flora and fawn.  Our truth was to realize, through our love and our pies, that each of us sees through all seeing eyes.

Rit in House
Slave Driva' Saliva