Kingdom Come

I ask myself what I meant to say, or what point I was trying to make.  Sometimes I say things out of spite –  and sometimes that seems like the only way to be heard.

I'm grateful for the people in my life that will listen, tolerating and affording lenience for the bizarre world rattling around in my mind.  To those who can forgive me when I am being hurtful, speaking out of turn, or putting my pride before the needs of others, I thank you so dearly.

It's helpful to say ideas out loud to really hear them.  Still, many ideas might sound fine in my head, but make no sense when I am actually talking about them.  And the closer we cut against the grain, we certainly find ourselves being brash or unkind.  Know, at least, that you cut like a knife.  This sacred contrition may bring peace to our souls, now and always.

We gain a great deal remembering that we all have in common our shared, human experience.  Being tactful is not always easy; after all, dogma is the seal of abundance.  We're working together to culture our humility and sensibilities, so that we may shape the world as best as we can.  I hope, at least, that in the pain we share, we shed light on greater truth.

Diamond Dogs