Karthus Melinism

Requiem for a dream
Card-fish cream, tendie sports, keep it select onna' stream

4K-specc'a, spot-a mark on her ass, catch her liftin' for a team
Member the last time you was pumpin' they self-esteem?

Selfish team? I know a shell-fish team, load upp'a Mel'ish team
Told you, got a hell-dish team, I know a Zelle-rish meme

Lot on my plate, showed'em close-up how'ta well-wish syncopate
Tail-fish smackin' out late, outta' water with no bait
Served up head-on while we still'out onna' date

Still alive on the plate
Member last time we was out late?
Escorted outta' Mastro's fo' showin' how'ta mate
Sharon Tate, fix'a wrist up with'a carin' bate
Starin' straight, put her lights'out from mah' searin' hate

Ultra-rare – drippin' all'o'the fuck over this place
Ultra-hare – wonder how she landed all this lace

Keepa' up in the air while she spinnin' on her ace
Hold'a down in my lair 'till she grinnin' on her face

High-end map awareness, high onna' lap'a bareness
Hymen tappa' tearness, timin' rappa' mare-ness
Bi-end clappa' ware-ness, pie-end gappa' pear-ness

12:31 Space Club (Ass on the Ceiling Cut)
The Interstitial Reclamation of Hyperconvex Consciousness