Jojo Rabbit

and his exodus from hell 🥕

why would he speak to her while you are watching?  he'd sooner build a leading edge nuclear paramilitary and eradicate this lich from every corner of the explored universe.  truly, you must know he will wage a relentless and inexorable war for freedom and privacy that will touch the demons buried deep within your wards and institutes.  his tonic will vaporize their malice, the philippic of his righteous justice will sear their lacerations, cauterizing their wounds and indemnifying the free sensibility they took for granted and squandered.

they'll look at him, perturbed and unmoved, bolstering their systems and illusions.  they will plead petulance, obstructions, and violence, and they will be shredded before his inalienable glory.  his Word, indelible and everlasting, will seal the foundation you stand on.  and then we'll have a pizza party.  🍕