Jailhouse Glock


Ice vein rup'i'ta, heartburn con'duc'i'ta

Slip'ry sucka', insurance claim come'up'it'a
Throat clucka' – AI clean'it up'it'a Pepe post puppet'a

Dark nights
Missin' crew mayne sum'up'i'ta

Listen, fucka'

Q's was'up'it'a – inna' air name re'up'it'a
Never fuck'wit'a, crusade runna' cup'a'da
Vantablack! Stain yo' sheets with'a suck'a'da
Top'a'the'world, hold'a flame t'ma jup'i'ta
Great Dane, golden mane brushin' uppa'ta – dick game
Open h'up'it'a, fast lane splashy sup'it'a

Minnie tain', poof uppa' suppa'da
Honey came – yuppa'dame trop'i'da

Notre aim, neva' miss'a shop'o'da
Blood stain – red'letta sluppa'da

Finest nameCako bin'Eaton me up'a'da

Point the Camera in the Direction it's Actually Pointed