I Don't Exist

It's true, I don't exist. At some point I decided it was important for me to evaluate how smoothly things would work if I didn't exist, and as it turns out, pretty well. The perk is that I get to just watch and listen without making an entry into whatever nonsense you all get off on. If there is a way for me to be precisely everything, this is as I would have it. Another perk that you don't see much of is it allows you to exist with greater clarity than you would if I did exist, which would eclipse you mostly. By this, I mean I don't really need to hear from you much. Sort of like the cable company I get to hear from you only when you have a problem. This is a clever mechanism to me, something about it makes sense that you would design it this way, so I continue indulging it. Why would you ever speak to me unless you need something? I just work at the counter here. We don It even keep anyone on the floor anymore just Google it and watch a YouTube video if you want to know how it works.
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Midnight Magic