Hot Take

Cyberpunk 2077 is a good game, and it shows people how software development works.

The best companies are really able to say this is what is important to the vision and success of their products, and this is what is going to make the company successful.  Red Projekt got a lot right with Cyberpunk, and it has an interesting and moody aesthetic in a way that reminds me of Fallout: New Vegas.

Red Projekt had to develop and optimize Cyberpunk for many platforms across multiple generations, and they did it with a general commitment to making the game work well.  They are still and will continue releasing updates with new content and performance improvements, which I think almost all game companies do on some level for some content.  

To me it's cool when games are released in phases over many years (like WoW, Destiny, or many Valve games), but different companies do best with different development cycles and team dynamics.  This is a mystery that great leaders, HR, and people personnel seem to excel at solving in their organizations.  Some companies say people and some companies say customer.

Amazon, Facebook, and many other websites do extensive performance benchmarking for any new feature that is released, and they deploy features and ads in A/B test configurations that help them assess which features are working correctly or making customers (like) the product more.  The important thing always here is what are you instrumenting for?

A game like Cyberpunk could do for some benchmarking and tuning for each part of the game on each platform, and Red Projekt should get at it so they can build a better engine for future games.