His Biggest Turn-On

Do you make him feel a certain way?  The warmth when you look him in the eyes?  Your enduring patience and care – the loving kindness you forged together.  It's gotta be how tight you keep it?

Girls are all looking for the key to this shocking mystery, and the dripping hot answer might surprise you.

We asked all sorts of high-type hunks just what it is that they look for in a girl today.  We wanted to hear it straight from the bull's mouth what their biggest and hottest turn-ons are, what it is that gets his rocks off and keeps the love flowing for all time to come – and we couldn't believe what we came up with.

What's his biggest turn on?  No pill.  That's right, these hound dogs want to meet a girl that wants it to last.  He wants the oven running, and he wants to make his mark – or so we heard.  We asked why, and overwhelmingly they told us "Girls have a whole lot of plans these days," the guys agreed, "My girlfriends were always tied up with work, and these days you can't even really buy a house or raise a family when it's just one of you working a normal job."  The times are really changing.  Looks like that's one in the bag for intelligent design?

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