Good Chili

That's a cool logo.  Did you do it yourself?

Are you kidding?  This is Public Works, of course I did it myself.

We had a lot of goals in mind, but we were surprised to find that everyone just wanted to see the Works in action.  Now that we're in action, we're a little surprised to find that no one is getting sick of it.

They heard that it sparkles and glows, that the bright and hearty flavors would inspire their senses, and they would see for themselves.  Could they?  This would take my full attention, to understand and articulate things I found interesting.  People, too, would end up here, but I would be hesitant to talk about others in too much detail.  It is perplexing that we are so preoccupied with descriptions and metaphors for the world.  I realized that I will not know just what I'll become, but I do have to try to find out.

Pure Water