Here's the thing about Apple these days: we're able to offer premium products, at a not-so-premium price, thanks to our innovative process and engineering teams.  Apple is leading the industry in performance, quality, and most importantly health.

If we're going to call it a premium product, it's going to come with premium expectations for features, privacy, and efficiency, and you bet we're at the leading edge in all 3 of these categories.  

Now, there's roadblocks, no question.  Whenever we stick our neck out to talk about real issues, it sort of seems like you pretend not to listen.  We know that really pushing the envelope for innovation means we have to start at home first.

At, it's crystal clear that Apple is the only major business willing to take a positive stance on privacy and health, and you know what?  They're the only ones that need to, because I don't use junk.