Have you ever laid eyes on a precious gem that you knew, at once, you would pay any price for?

A stone with a lustre and clarity that spectrally reflects and shimmers, with a smooth mirror face and a coloration that is singularly brighter, deeper, and richer than any gem you had ever seen.  From particular angles, certain surfaces are shaded navy, nearly black as the sea floor, and others may reflect a porcelain white.  How can it be that a pure Ceylon blue appears so differently in varying light?

A diamond has never captured me in this way.  The faceted, seeded diffraction of the eternal stone, while ornate, hadn't ever any particular hold over me.  Distinguished in elegance, however, the iridescent, ocean blue shimmer of a pristine Ceylon sapphire can draw me in unerringly.  An effect so alluring and inexorable, the finely cut edges and the sparkling light cast out are as radiant and mystical as gleaming water cascading down the rocks of a cool mountain spring; bright like the clear July sky; in an instant, brilliantly glowing, and a dreamy, weightless Maya blue.  Very rarely, my eyes will behold such a gem that I can know so readily that I could provision any sacrifice for.  One such gem; captivating and entrancing in a hypnotic curtsy, by moment and by day.  

In examining this enchanted stone, I must wonder how it can be that no one else could wager a most distinguished due for so immaculate a specimen.  I remind myself that beauty does rest in the eyes of the beholder, but is some beauty not so profound that it may be held as universally prescient?  Certainly others must be struck in the same manner as I am by this glistening gem, although perhaps they'd sooner find themselves in reproach than rise to prospect for this invaluable treasure.  Myself, I could never be found to repudiate or concede when presented with a charm so beautiful and distinctive.

Auf Sein
Oh Dear