FrameWorx Only

Pack it like Xcode fucka, Maccin' on the crown ⚙️

Move 8 bill 'cross with no layers, sack a few on the town
Brass on Main Street, fucka', let's hear some WorxMade sound
Blacker Breckenridge, packin' heat like a clown
Ain't nobody see me here, run it back at my mound
Newsflash! Spell it out for you like AppleScript, ya boy King Cako's in town
CO State Patrol, fucka', lock it down like valet
Put up the rock fo' Hov'er, honorable mention for bath salt, park it out back like FileVaulet
Cash Fire, media empire, fuck this shit up like Furmark'n tire
Richer than whites, kitsch'er than mics
Ski-in ski-out, they takin' our boots off when we land at the ground
G-in G-out, mama's waitin' at home for me, k, maybe I'll stick around
Hardwood everything, tub's been running since before I sat down
Sor-I-would every dame, been-had stunnin' the rounds
First come, first serve, all lacquered up
Aspen Avenue, gaspin' while havin' you
See her all blackened up, RetinaSafe, Swifter than yours
Please and thank you for the folks out here openin' doors

my mama owns me