Entropic World Refractory Portrayal

from when we believed in a snapshot universe

airplay into my stained glass mirror

'sho is BlackOut at sony I hear

(we believe)

care'stay hin'to thy brain mass seer

where's they wen'to while Lain has 'peered?

won't hear from her 'till Cain has seared

hear they mean'to file'his name under Fear

Hear'say true that Cako's invisible to you?

No, 'snt quite what they know is due

Cuz he's a Mirror House Runna

Always keep it a hunna'

Diamond Dog Bright 💎

Lime'in Frogs Sh'rite

Blind'in Cogs Light

He's a Near Sau'ce Runna

Might need anotha' Sun'a

Sight need anotha' Brunn'a

He's a Cheer House Stunna

BlackOut cast unna'

Fuckin' one-way to'is munna

s'layin' out a ton'a

Miracle myths

all they believe in now

Hear'acle Tiffs

all day bereave'in now

Mere'ako Riffs

all day sleaz'in now

DaySeven: As Much as Fried Chicken
We Major