When you're building an empire, you'll need a whole lot of help, so we knew to bring on the finest and the fearless.

See how meticulously we can build?  And in just under the course of a year, we've made remarkable strides on the leading edge of the most ambitious Public Works project in the world.

Now, it's important that we pay very good attention and ask just what it is that makes what we're doing special.  We know we set out to innovate and create, but each and every one of us knows something important about this old house.  What catches your eye?  You must see something you like, even if you aren't sure what it is.  Do you wonder why?  I look around and I see a whole lot of just about right, and then I'll put my hands on it for a while until it fits right into place.  Yeah, I'm satisfied, but I'd like to know just how satisfied I can get; a lot of folks have been asking that question these days.  It's not like me to get in their way.

A Damask sandal rose was in the air last fall, it made a dewy and redolent indwelling to keep us for the long winter.  Do you remember the smell?  As the season rolls around, the thorny green brambles dig their way right into my heart.  I wonder how they'll feel this time, in light of the potent growth we've seen.  Haven't I learned to not cut myself?

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