This car is what we came up with when we flew out to Merc, Madison Avenue, and 8-mile with a back seat full of protractors and shouted GET IN.

m3 faszination

It's got the 5 seats, the electronics, the bullshit, but at the end of the day, if you're skirtin' around in this thing, it might paint a different picture on that martini.  What we want to know, is what's your responsibility?  What car would you want your kid driving?  Because for me, it's gotta be one of these.  This car's gonna save your life – no, this car's gonna drive itself to Delphi and save your granddaughter's life.  Can someone please tell me what the fuck Glass Steagle is?

Look, this car is what we came up with when we heard the US elected a new president of Apple Computer. This fucking thing goes on Pluto for all you know.

BMW E30 - Original Sales Video BMW E30 - Original Sales Video

We want magic, kid.  We're talkin' SLAs these patriots have never seen.  Let's just say, we don't rotate credentials.  You know, I wonder who Scorcese was proud to show his screenplays to; 7 is a lot.

If something falls off this cloud – perhaps it wasn't in the stars, so to speak.  The real question is: do you want the i, or the e?

The Black Dog - Tahr The Black Dog - Tahr

Solidus Seiko