Doctor Robert

Patience, mine is conditional.  Yours is terminal.  So what should we discuss today?

I understand.  Sometimes it may occur to us to worry about what people think of versions of us that don't actually exist; we start defending ourselves for things we've never said and things we don't actually believe.

What you said pales for what you meant, what you meant is nothing for what I heard.  Have our devices made us brief?  Something new, please, a place to run, but not forward, should it disappear as definite.  Let us be blinded for what is definite, dispersed into the aether of what we might discover.  I've heard murmurings among others that someone like you exists, not that I would clamor to notice.  You know, I always say the whole world's an operating room.

Everyone's going to feel some type of way.  You know who you are, I know who you are, and no one's conception of you can change that.  Say what you mean, often.  Live by your beliefs as best as you can, and assume the best intentions of others, that they may do the same by you.  It can be so hard sometimes; distrust and paranoia seeps in through the fragile surface of what we say and do outright.  We all feel it, though, and we can all gently steer the reins of our subconscious minds towards faithful solidarity and a warmer disposition in all manner of being.  The way we feel on the inside shows in how we live, and it changes how other people feel, steadily and surely.

Where do you see yourself in the next 6 months?  It's important to set appropriate, attainable goals.  It's okay if you aren't certain how long something will take, but I want to see that you aren't getting stuck too often.  If you are, let's think about what's getting you stuck.  Are you afraid?  Of what could happen, or of letting go of what seems comfortable?  Sometimes you have to be just as afraid of being complacent.  Had we wandered where we could be persuaded, in stride, that eternity could be aside from us?  We see things moving where they are not.  Seek as one must, for a new stillness, but one knows when they are arrived.  We are urged that nothing is given or received except by way of what already is.

One moment, I have to take this.  Yep, we come straight to you, lug it all off.  Nope, you don't even have to tell us where to take it, just leave it all out in the morning and we send it.  Yes, some of it will go to a good home.  Uh huh – uh huh.  I do appreciate the call.  Take care; buh bye.

You know, something they didn't really get about Steve is he was a little like a junk collector.  He just picks up all this crap and looks after it for us.  His starry expectations are what distinguished him.  He showed us it'd be like this though.  Always it will drown us, and then saturate us.  Drink of my well, for what beneath coils.  How sleek really is it?  Looks like even air slips right off it.  Steve told us we'd be spending a lot of time on the phone; at least it has a power button, but some people are nymphomaniacs.

It's always been interesting to me that you could speak a single sentence to someone and find how they slept at night.  The ease in some people's hearts lets them sleep well; others had lept out into some void and thus felt quite at home while asleep.  I'd always presumed I slept well by virtue of a clean conscience and plain exhaustion.  The people that don't sleep well, the world weighs on them more hours of the day.  I'd be weary to wake them, haha.  They need me to tell them that the frustration they feel is because it is what they surround themselves in, their waking hours are consumed in fleeting discontentment, and it shades their evenings and nights.  They want medicine, but really I mean to tell them to do something different, something they can bear, and something they are joyful to behold.  Laugh, at least, if you are bereft to make any change.  All people can change, if they are willing to.  Too many things in this world tell them they need to know what to change into, but rather it is the case that many of the most important changes we undergo are spurred in a leap of faith.  As effortlessly as one breathes, today will be, and tomorrow will come.

Let's set a follow-up appointment for a few weeks out to see that you're making ground.  See my receptionist, Claire, before you leave.  We're flexible, so I'm sure we can get you on the table.

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