Do numbers count?

The order, at least, of numbers and their correspondences in early alphabets (alef-bet) is suggestive of some social phenomena.  Each archetype bearing some quintessence and a relationship to the others.  Esotericism will attempt to shed light on truth using fiddly human tools.

One knows the infinite emerges from the apparent beginning (ein sof), and is made conscious as we live and breathe.  Important truths are etched into our understanding of numbers, for instance a crown (kaf), the edge of idol, where you wrap around.

The more we learn about the world, the better tools we have to describe these phenomena and the apparent arrangement.  For some reason we now need coloring books to understand things we took for granted, but these tools were created knowing we would run into these challenges.  Perhaps if we addressed the prevailing issues and applied reason to them, we would see what was meant.

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