Dessert Boys

The lions and hawks put a stake in the ground, just for you, just so that they might find where it leads.  Turning away is forfeiture, as is leaning in.

Conscientious people are more likely to push back on the prevailing ideology.  For whatever reason, learned or innate, some people have a dialogue running in their heads that leads them to question, and really grapple with the world on a fundamental level.

This is a process of reaching into the unknown, for some people even occupying it.  And we see who else is there, and that's important for us; it's both important information, and also meaningful in the sense that we learn more about who we relate to and what is going on in the world in a broader sense.  When we say, "ah, you're here", it becomes clearer where exactly here is.  There is a spatial awareness that we develop from the time we are kids, and it's as much about perceiving our relationship with the world as it is developing a sense for how perceptive others are.

Whose eyes are widest?  Whose heads strongest?  We did, in fact, bring lion's breath and the scrying eye, and to what affectation may be unheard.

So how do you know the branch you broke off is the one you started with?  Well, you compare it to the tree, of course.  And it is the case that all throughout our lives we are melding ourselves with whatever is going on in the world around us; relatively speaking, the world is tempering us.

If there is a disturbance, perhaps not fitting in, or not seeing eye to eye with others, it's crucial that we figure out where exactly we need to get lost to start growing; precisely what boundary of the unknown we should be pushing against.

One knows, without necessarily knowing why, that some other people are sharp, like a hawk; they entered into the same process of tempering that you did, and they might even be a close beneficiary.  How this sense perception appears is mysterious, it's difficult to grasp, and difficult to synthesize as a system that can be presented or evaluated.

The skilled observer is, in a sense, the voice for the goings-on of the field.  They may be calling shots, but even more importantly, they can indicate what is being heard, how the effects are felt, and what effects are cascading.

Can I trust them?  Not necessarily, but you can trust that some prevaling structure emerges where trust may exist, and it is imperative that you explore the boundaries of this wherever your intuition draws you.

Some people are more susceptible to the disassociative effect of a strong vantage point.  They meld into the battlefield, like Neptune's domain over all the sea; they turn inside out, and they are now the tree, comparing the blades of the branch with their detached limbs, aching to reclaim what has been lost to the distracted world.

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