David is Cyborg

Sometimes I dream that I look in the mirror and my eyes are an icy light blue.

My lived experience would change.  I believe maybe people would avert their eyes from my glowing gaze more often, instead catching a glimpse when I'm not paying attention.  Would my vision change?  The way you look can affect how people treat you, which in turn can change how you see things.  

I already see quite well, and I find it difficult to mediate with the amount of detail expected of me in the world.  The birds sing to the song of my heart, pipes whir with the cadence of my step.  You see more when you feel like people are seeing you.

You can know me in a way I don't know myself.  I may find the color blue nearly intolerable with it headlining my appearances.


Why can't we go anywhere?  Plainly, why is there nowhere to go, except where a path is laid out for us?  Are paths so pervasive that they are everywhere that is somewhere to be?

There are ways that aren't immediately apparent.  I live my life to learn about great mysteries and living miracles.  I brought many dear friends along on this journey so that we could see together what lay before us, and especially so that we wouldn't succumb to insanity upon discovering the true workings of the world.

When I run up against these facts, salient and characteristic of an instrumented universe, I wonder how it can be that some of us don't see it, or they are unwilling to catalogue it with the things that have a surface level explanation.

Plainly, I could show you a true miracle before your very own eyes, alongside an esteemed and perceptive cohort, and you all would forget about it as soon as you were tasked with explaining it empirically.  Can you really live like that?

Patently True