David in Seras

On this Hightower, call this Bly Tower, my Tower; call this Vi Tower, flower power.  Waltham Chi Tower, just works Fi tower; ten-D, a sour shower, Ronald try tower – cakewalk, a Slice of Life, kingdom's strife see me devour; Mickey Mouse is comin' too.

Yukon, evergreen, hold'ya corners; runna' forever scene.  Click'a stick'a pick'a trick'a; chica hic'a, needs'mo fika.  Shops is thick'a, my postdocs is slick'a – midterms, 808s: score's only dimes.  Alpha Gel introductory, Perth luxury; drippin' bathwater, now it's realtime.  Prescribe this gospel, Houston Hobby, base hit catchin', serial attachin', ratch game matchin', disturb the lobby klatchin'; refill'a mission, cuppin lime hatchin', skunk game snatchin', blankest lines – Thot's Berry Heinz.  Munich draft, to the brim, Rocks is fitted, tocks is bidded, my hawks acquitted, got my procs's critted.  Chocs is mitted, like my foxes titted, her dresses sunlitted, my cock's reverse splitted, weather permitted, socks is kitted, cus my clocks is Britted, see, my lox is clitted.  Moonwalk, no signal; top'a the block, stick a pinky in, s'your time to defrock.  Pinstripe, crystal type – ice wine, Bristol hype; fist'l slyke, take a hike round this Pikes on an afternoon delight.

Ripley's, crosstalk, Woodstock hands-free, kick off'a dock; HLS ad hoc – bring'ya friends, rear-ends, dividends, and sunblock.