Cove Commission

I commissioned a portrait that would consist of magnificent and magical subjects, brightly bemused, all together brought to this misty cove for their unique charm and candor.  And we do see this, plainly an abundance of beauty, mystical bric-a-brac and catechism; I did want to address the utilities in this; and by all accounts you know this is spectacular.

Truly, as you know, the most beautiful art has enigmatic colors and tones; we would be smitten to arouse the gallantry of tropical sea life for this ballad at shore.  Look, see the children parade along the coastline, excitedly awaiting the prospecting ocean and her colorful fauna.

In this portrait on the beach, I wish to see a certain lovely girl, adorned an intricate corsage of bright red hibiscus.  See to it, abundantly, that her eyes shall be a luminous blue, for her celestial spirit.  Truly, see to it that her eyes are a living color, bright as her soul.  You should know that they sing a whimsical song for my heart, for their hypnotic silvery glow, a moonlit blue that echoes from the seas of eternity.

On the blooming shore, my mind feels light and dreamy.  I'm reminded of a time not long ago that the slurred tide drew before it a passionate flux and a calamitous deluge.  So see to it that the glossy pigment flowing from my arm is a rich orange-red, for the faithful covenant and the sacrament.

Finally, do appoint to this portrait a small gold terrier, with scruffy, floppy ears.  He would only fly first class, and he, politely, expected too much of the help.

Sunday School