Cotton Camera

It's been said that personality is the chariot of consciousness.

Who is the real David Cako?  Good question.  For one, he writes his name infrequently enough that he just added his last name to his spell check.  I've had to wear a lot of hats, and as best as I can tell, I'm still being fitted.  Generally speaking, I have a vague sense of how people see me, but there are tools and techniques I can use to learn more about who that is.

The phenomenon of personality and self is intuitive, until things external to us confer new demands for how we should be.  I find it interesting how language and writing are so distinguished in many cultures, where one carefully collects and shares their ideas; now there is no limit to the amount of something-or-other that the world will put in our lives; people will eventually come to reason and say "ah, well all of that is all of that".  Maybe it was always this way, relatively speaking, although it does seem to be accelerating.  We don't know what will be said for that yet, but we can be forward thinking about it.

Reason is difficult to put together and, at-best, superficial to clearly divide up.  People will go run off with it and do different things.  It's fabricated under pressure, like stone.  How will reason be gratifying in our lives?