(faster than you)

Is everyone the secret police now?  Some badges would be nice.

The phenomenon of secret police and special infantry isn't new.  Sometimes there's police that transcends the police so that we can be sure the police does their job.  Sometimes there's police that sees what police can't or won't see.  How huge can it be when it's not secret police anymore?

Sometimes, there is literally police everywhere, every moment, recording and tabulating everything you do.  When that shows up, you know you have created a parent trap.  They're too interested in what you're doing to do their job, and that's a problem.  Soda without the calories, sex without love – love without sex.

You know what I feel when I wake up in the morning?  Knives in my mind, a perpetual sinking in quick sand, from the moment my eyes open.  A neurosis so compounded that it wouldn't be spoken of; the soundless name.  

Minty Been Chilling