Chaos and Formation

All great things emerge from the Chaos of their forebears; in an ordered reflection we find emergent chaos.

The more openly we understand and empathize, we find friends and life everywhere to be colored and color in ourselves. This feels a perennial path in learning to love ourselves, and unanesthizing the pain and the detail. We can love others, even when they make it hard, even when we ourselves make it hard.

The silver lining to political chaos is that it shows us our stark shadow, giving us the detail we need to draw towards our own truth. The scene is set to address our deepest insecurities when we pay attention; alienation breeds alienation, and we know because we feel it. We can orient towards learning from our country’s collective beliefs with each swing of the pendulum, rather than being embittered. We have so much to be grateful for in the developed world, in all of its flaws, and all of our confusion.

We are almost shapeless without chaos — what do we understand until we see our reflection? Doors open as we learn what we have boxed up inside of us, what we are pulling into, how it is the same light and love, hermetically sealed, and always abundant if we seek it in ourselves.

Politics and ethics should be treated delicately, with love and compassion, in empathy for the distance we fall victim to. We should feel challenged by audacious leaders. We know what sins are dormant in humanity, and find ourselves tasked with courage in carrying the torch towards a better future.

A.I. Ethics