Celestial Soul

The cities are paved of diamond, walls gilded over stone; the waters would glisten for eternity, and hibiscus would rest in endless bloom.  We won't need our legs to stand, or our eyes to see.

Us, we aren't perfect after all; corporeal as our spirit may be...  We are free floating out here.  And in each moment, we know that all of eternity is shining through.  For every thing that exists, each word, glimpse, and kiss, the breath of life and eternity is felt.

I would study your every word, every gesture, agape and adrift in your celestial eyes.  I love you so much.  You are hope, and you make me hopeful.  And I know your spirit is true.  I know by the sound of your voice, the look in your eyes, and the pain I feel in my soul.  It's the same pain that I feel when I consider, heartily, the myriad possibilities in life and in love, and the wind rushes back for me.  It hurts to be away from you; I never knew this sort of pain.

Life is so long; so much of it spent withholding, restrained for my true will.  This is a tremendous love, and an Atlantean stretch.  I'll know it's over when I look into your eyes.  For now, it is so heavy; and still, my heart is always true.

You set me adrift, and you brought me back.  Now, your scent rests at the back of my throat like a gentle lavender, and it puts my mind to rest.  I sleep deeply and restfully, more so now than ever.

I'm not whole enough for you; I'm whole in you.  My mind isn't clear enough, but with you, my mind is clear.  And I have no purpose, precisely speaking, but I know there is purpose in you.

Glowing, beautiful, as one should hope to be.  I see eternity in your eyes, and I feel warmth in your soul.

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