Carrot Cake

There's plenty to go around.  They told us to just keep bringing it out until they ordered something else.  I'm partial to berry pies, personally, but they just can't get enough of our carrot cake.  You must visit our Terrapin Station venue, we have seasonal specialties at each location.

I was one of those kids that was really perturbed about food touching on the plate.  Well, there's no time for that any longer.  What made me like that though?  It's clear that I am still this way in so many ways, and it's not certain when it is helpful.  Consistency is a bittersweet tonic; still they wanted to try.  My faith was always what I could count on, my pursuit for the purest water and the clearest skies; these truths were all that I meant to endeavor for, until they could drink no more and breathe no longer.  Did they mean for me to stop?  Stop what?  And face where?  I saw a glow in the night sky that reminded me I would need to ask the brightest people I knew for help, for us to truly think different to see into being the future I wanted us to live in.  I wanted them to show me what they could see, so that we could consider what's next.  Certain truths, self-evident in all that makes us feel good and free, would be with us in all walks of life.  We must be sensitive and introspective, remembering that our ability to feel and to understand each other would be our strength throughout the many journeys and tribulations life takes us on.  I knew, still, that I would have to be intent about being the best person I could be.  As I poured over this, I found in many ways that this meant ensuring that all people could live happily, healthily, and in peace.  This is a light that I knew we must always herald, and I remained resounding and fearless in this belief.

What I meant to ask for is your attention and loyalty, but I'm never quite sure when I have it.  These phones are confusing, to me at least – to me especially.  There's a lot going on, I'm just making sure to keep my head in the game.  Businesses are learning, though, to work with more agility than they ever had before.  Something we've seen a lot, in the past few years especially, is an innovative and attentive mindset that prioritizes giving the best possible experience for customers.  Amazon definitely had a major hand in this, demonstrating a powerful union of process, supply, and support optimization.  When you can measure and optimize, at length, in every aspect of the customer and employee experience, this sets you up to continually improve the quality and speed of your services and support.

We know that data is most helpful where you are able to make meaningful connections and correlations between disparate metrics, so when we build analytics capabilities or build on existing analytics engines, we start by asking important questions about how our business works and posing clever hypotheses as to how customers like to use our services.  It starts by asking the right questions, because then you can explore relevant data and build machine learning models to gain a deeper understanding of your business.  Many insights can even be discovered simply through comprehensive metrics, visualization, and business intelligence technologies.  This sort of systems thinking and process optimization is what has allowed many leading companies to improve how they serve customers and scale to support multi-national commerce and services.  What emerges is a powerful and continual flow of experimenting with data and building unique capabilities around it.  This habitual curiosity, combined with really talented engineering and operations teams, enables businesses to innovate at the leading edge and grow more quickly than ever.  It's good to be trying lots of things, but not so that it strains the core impact of your business.  Decide, first, to help customers and employees be happy and prosper, and then make rigorous inquiry into how you can accomplish this.  Where we are most sensitive and most true, we know the greatest wisdom will come to light.

El Topo