What's in a tenet?

A shared understanding; consistency.  Hopefully when my name is spoken, you hear the same sound.  Simple facts is that it's one-way for me, and that is the way of the world, with you in it, naturally.  Talkin' Birkin yussy, merkin fussy.  Does that come as a surprise to you?  It's a twilight world.  It was nearly dark for me, until you showed me my own light.  It's difficult to really see ourselves.

Last night I had a dream that an unusual creature with black fur and a long tail came up to me while I slept on a bench, it put its head to my chest, and its purr roused my entire body.  I came waterfalls.  It went everywhere, and all over my face.

Are you my lover?  Not everyone knows what they mean when they say that.  It's a lot of responsibility to be my lover.  Not necessarily much work; fairly elusive, nearly seduced if, not quite conclusive; you know – I love what is nearly out of reach, I push against what comes too close, reflexively.  I'm not distant, but I don't need much attention either.  A few minutes here and there; an odd hour or two for dinner.  When we shop, I like to see what beautiful things you pick out for yourself, but I don't like to browse for long.  If it didn't strike me immediately, why would I want it?  The singular effect of something holds my attention; including you, my lover.  In part possession, my acquired kin.  

We belong to each other forever, as I've learned.  I've been reluctant to leave a mark, but I learned that's precisely the way of the world.  So we belong to each other, forever.  My collection of bright and majestic companions.  You know how effortlessly to love and to be loved by me.  You know how to find warmth in me; it's nearly limitless, if you touch me in just the right way.  I will love you forever.

There's a preponderance of ways I could show you; I can describe what it feels like, a million things you've done or said that makes me love you more; still, all I mean to do is love you.  I want to love you alone, where it's just for you.  And I'll love you in public, where it's for everyone else, too.  I'll tickle your mind, and your heart, and I'll make you wet.  I'll touch your soul like you've never known, like only I ever could.  Everything there is to look forward to in life, I will show you, and everything we mean to forget will go to the wind.

My name is my love, my gift and demand, placed upon you, knelt with outstretched hands.  The light on the land, regal and grand, my love everlasting risen from the sand.  My name is the beginning and the end, the cause, and the cure, and you get to decide if your belief will withstand.  You're prone to disbelief, naturally; you have too many things to believe in.  All were endeared, slandered they seared, for his light was brighter, his plan now revealed.

Endless space, endless chase, endless lace, endless days.  This is what you wanted, clearly, to see me alone, haunted and pearly.

Now you see how alone I really am; there's nothing of value, nothing to see, nothing to hear, and nothing to be; nowhere to go, nothing but me, tea for one, steeped unto we; myself alone, Cako with a C.

She lives in my bed, and she lives in my head, and she lives with the guys she'd rather instead.  Easier to beat, heavier in seat, and readily attached right upon her teat.  Why, then, would I not rise to my feet?  All I wanted was something to eat.  Pussy, chicken, salmon and capers, but she's quite fussy, and knows only jammin' and papers.

A lover and seeker, a servant and a leader, you must understand this is plenty for me, the rest I have handled, my dear beekeeper.

BullsEye (The Vibe Formally Known as Christ)