Cantaloupe Island (A Livery Mystery)

You know me, I'm onna' stroke a red after all's been said.  I'll make your little heart stop 'fo you roll outta' bed, get you top'a the charts then I go and run this med', one sec, read'ya rights to the cong' 'fo we go and break bread.

Yup, we know how'ta ride, pulled this one outta' nowhere like Bonnie and Clyde, hang a few more karats, keep 'em right by my side, 'tang a few mo' merits, see's they got hide, rang a few mo' Derricks, sure they know it's live.  They like how you look when you'se catchin' a vibe, I like how you sound when you'se takin' my libe, just like how you feel when you'se wearin' our ribe.

What's got you runnin' deuces baby?  See, you're takin' your turns too wide – no matter, I got you on this, we're gonna run this tide, no matter any pot left, I'll give you bona-fide.  Don't go a day in my life where I ain't proud that we're alive, no way in hell you catch me losin' this drive – got started on this beef when I was maybe about five, never once hid my face 'till I broke out in hives, wasn't quite alive 'till you taught me how to jive, think you could lick this one clean for me wi'cha Delphi salive?

Gettin' Married
One for My Boys (Back-Room Mix)