Cako Common Carrier

What sort of magic are you performing here anyway?  I'm glad you asked.

No one's gonna do it for you.  The most important thing I've learned in business is that if you want to see change, you've gotta make it happen yourself.  There's always going to be help, and you're often going to find it among those themselves with a strong yearning for a change, but the buck stops with you.  A few months back, we heard PG&E wanted more heart and less tongue, but we told them they only come as a set.

Today, we are announcing Cako Common Carrier as a program for exploring the commodification of technology and ratifying key principles to ensure free and open discourse in technology and media.

We must pay attention to what is instrumental in the account and application of a person's existence, what responsibilities we deem necessary to exist and thrive as an American citizen.  The most peculiar thing I notice in the prevailing structures is transference, and it's on an unprecedented scale.  When all things are wound up in unusual affairs, instrumentation appears in unexpected ways that confuses what some might imagine is a more pious existence.

So it is, indeed, appropriate to think of many types of technology and political structures as common carriers, at least as pervasive in our lives as any telephone or utilities carrier, both as constituents and also as a mean.  Many technologies we enjoy are at least as widespread in our day to day lives as taxes, healthcare, and education.  In fact, I think about social media a lot more often than I do taxes.  What heraldry should we fly?  And how should we build a more meaningful attribution of these issues as a matter of national identity and public health?

The most important lessons I've learned from a few dear mentors in my life is the strength of inner belief and truth.  Whenever I feel distracted, I reflect on why something could have me disaffected when I, myself, can consider what something means, and I can ask people who I respect and who have always encouraged me what they think.  The resiliency of inner truth is one thing that I hope we never lose sight of.

All People

The potency and pervasiveness of structures surrounding free information and free media are a bit confusing.  I'm always wondering what so many people are thinking, and I am often losing track of what I myself am thinking.  There are so many different things wound up in life for every last person, and it pushes into me in a way I don't yet fully understand.  No one does, because we haven't found out yet.

And I have other, frequent, periods where my despondency is aside and I am interested wholly in you, in what we are seeing, and in what it might mean.  There is something interesting happening, and it still requires a lot of thought and attention to be reasoned with.  The world is bigger than ever, brighter than ever, but many people just see Vegas; lots of moving parts, bells and whistles, and a dispossessiveness that grapples with the human spirit.  So where are we failing folks, and what can we do better?

So many pages, tax documents, and applications... it's like akathesia of the soul.  Still, every day is an opportunity to be strong in any way we know best.  We know there is greatness out there because we see it, and we're a part of it.  And we know, more than ever, that every last person has a fighting chance to excel.  In spite of the complexity of the world and the unusual mazes we are led along, there is a resounding greatness in our spirit.

The Tree of Life