Bring this one back f'you


bout to go full mac f'you
128kapital, realest place f'mah capital
only pull it back f'yus all'a pellets in these lacitals
18 zealots f'mah capital, line trellis f'muh capital,
te's hellots f'ya trackital, whip bel'ts in'mah smackitals

peelin' lo'jack f'you, beat feelin' ho's jack f'you
these stealin ho's jack f'you, he's dealin' ho's pack f'you
jive squealin' ho's sack f'you

fucka, do I need to remind you, reason your clothes got blinders
reason your ho's got blinders, reason your flows rewinders

feelin' full mac f'you, coppa' dealin' full smack f'you
boppin' mealin' moss rack f'ya, mass wheelin' ross trac'f'ya
filla' till' this real'in morse pack'f'ya
seal this real'in horse yak'f'ya

The Churches in Vegas
She keeps