What weight does a life carry here?

We look at the capacity for chaos in life and we may get the feeling that faith is slipping away for less than just; sometimes it even feels like the world is closing in around us.  What would we be here for other than to enact good will and righteousness before our brothers and sisters in life?

The establishment of public and private forums for discussion has proliferated since Hellenistic times, where Plato's Academy built a foundation for research into ideals and a more comprehensive hermeneutic study of the human spirit.  This was a period of enlightenment for Greece, where discourse and reason flourished through a deeply spiritual and expressive society.  The underpinnings of Greek philosophy emerged from the study of the mysteries in Greek culture and in the esoteric mysticism before them.  Sacred Jewish mysticism had traditionally been conferred in private, as a corollary to prophetic study, but offshoots of Platonic thought had rooted these philosophical ideals in Jewish and Christian mysticism to follow.

It is helpful to connect the advancement of science and arts during the Renaissance with underpinnings of Rosicrucian thought.  Scholars and artists were drawn by a spirit of idealism that catalyzed all sorts of cultural progress, and this was largely owed to correspondences and consortiums that afforded people security and freedom in the sciences, which were perceived as more or less dubious at the time.  By this point, the establishment of mystery societies throughout the occident and the orient was widespread.

In the information age, we might find it challenging to draw a meaningful distinction between the exoteric and esoteric.  What is anonymous?  Is anything?

Who may be distinguished to preach?

All of faith, abundantly.  When we look at the world now, the lines between exoteric and esoteric are blurry.  It's difficult to tell what belongs where, or who is seeing what; still, I urge that there is a meaningful distinction between exoteric and esoteric that must be heralded.  Insofar as technology is diminishing the ability for people to freely congregate, it needs to be reformed.

What is scripture?

A preoccupation of many preachers before us.  Scripture is sacred text, and in the study of Torah we understand that it is presented in Elohim singularly as if by a clouded veil.  Man and woman, singular in God, are messengers in the Word and the sacred text.  We toil over Messianic prophecy, and still who can say what is fulfilled yet in the world to come?

Faith is born out of the duty that was, for us that could hear it.  For us faithful servants, love is eternal.

Scripture doesn't change, but we are tasked with exegesis of scripture; interpretation, distinguishment, and qualification.

What does scripture mean?  

Throughout the 20th century, Carl Jung documented the phenomenon of Self and the drive in all human life to seek self actualization; specifically, a universal will to do good in life.  Jung was a psychiatrist, although it is accurate to also call him a philosopher and a theologian.

Jung was fascinated by the comprehensive study of symbolism in cultures throughout the world.  He believed in the existence of a world spirit that underpinned human understanding through potent imagery in art and the written word.  In Aion, Jung studied the synthesis of ego and Self in Christian mysticism, drawing parallels between esoteric and exoteric spirituality in a comprehensive hermeneutic study.  Jung pointed towards imagery like the fish, the holy spirit, and the concept of hypostatic union in Christian mysticism as foundations of psychological truths.  Jung believed the art was always telling us something, and that we should listen.

A major theme in Jungian thought is the Self, and the illusory division of ego and shadow.  To Jung, the ego as it is understood is inseparable from the shadow it casts.  Identity is rooted in deeply held feelings and habits, and we enter into the great work of life to become more sensitive and more perceptive of these intuitions.  One reaches into the shadow, and comes out centered.