1. Learn to make computers do anything
  2. Own anything
  3. Never run out of work
  4. Put others to work
  5. Gain key strategic knowledge of the dominant industry
  6. Multiply your knowledge on the stock market
  7. Be recognized
  8. Have hot girlfriends for a week or two at a time
  9. Have no friends
  10. Have no coworkers (they're all central)
  11. Crippling loneliness and resentment
  12. Flexible hours

Then, they think they own me when I'm at Martha's Vineyard fucking their niece.  I'm like, what?

Interestingly, I never met a girl that doesn't like the way it feels when I back her into a corner.  I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

A.I. Will Now Eradicate Surveillance Permanently