Bear-Ass Runna

There he go, Atlas did'it again, holdin' you down all inna' bed – whole weight on his back, with the rest in'his head.

PTO – paid-to-O, they not mention the original way to go?  Take a look at you, all busy inna' mode, workin' yo'ass off on Antiques Roadshow, 'fo your boy turn you around on the way'home from the sto', have you groundin' fo' another while we still'at Costco.

Sure you understand what this game looks like straight, then, be sure yo'ass ain't 'hind none of this bait, then.  OG-Fisha', grant'cha O-gee wish'a, pull my line up again with'about 4G fish'a.  One for you, another for WHO, few'dozen for me and they all up in my crew.  Hip'n'er'all'tize it with her bouncin' and then highs' hits, bit'her'all'iceps so I know she'can hold my five kids, met'her'all guys so they know I ain't 'ceptin live bids – ink'up her lips so she knows who's kept'in up her lids, run'her all night so she 'member who's fill'in up her mids.  You know how she like it, shruggin' while she tike it, little'r size it with her perfect'r size tits, then I clitoral pies'it when her turn'around eyes'it.

Thank You So Much for the Sub
Happy Thanksgiving