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So, there's been a lot of hippin' and hoppin' for the start of 2022, as you can see, and some unusual facts have come to light.

Why?  Because it is necessary that you are paying attention.  Sometimes people try to pull shit on you, and I wanted to show you that it's important to stand your ground.  When enough people around you try to make you think a certain way, you can even lose sight of what you actually believe is good and true.

Some people will push you, violate your trust, make you feel naked and helpless.  They'll do it in such a way that they make you think there's no other way.

Different people respond to this differently.  You may have noticed that I become obsessional and quite particular.  I only like things a certain way, and I get very frustrated when people think they're going to goof on me.

I can show you what I'm like when I'm happy and content, too.  It's what I was doing the whole time, until it seemed like you didn't care about my privacy.

David and Teddy Take a Spring Walk
I Want to Be With You, Alone