Amputechture Came

Tear it the fuck down, and build it up, you know the ropes.

I ain't mean to be racist or nothin, but all you bird'ass hieroglyph fucka's look like you could use a real exodus.  I'm sick and fuckin tired of this scorpio bowl bullshit, fucking over it, I was over it 10 years ago, so over it, in fact, that I set out to build real Metal Gear from the ground up as a wee 13-year-old lad.  Cako Heavy Industries pioneered leading edge processes for manufacturing and distributing our lightning-fast AI-enhanced infantry.  Real-time deployment and our proprietary Automated Tactical Orchestration toolkit (A.T.O.) put us on top of every weight class, including yo' mama.

Now look at me.  Do you think I give a fuck what you think about any'ass thing at any'ass time of the day?  Nope.  Vote Cako, fucka'.

2Slow (Cako for President)
Make You Believe